Nanyang Business School - AB1202: Statistics and Analysis (Undergraduate Core)

Instructor, Fall 2019​

  • I taught 48 students who came from diverse academic backgrounds, most of whom were being formally exposed to statistics for the first time. The course has two-fold objectives: to introduce the concept of probabilities and statistical inferences and to teach the programming skills in the R environment.

  • Teaching Evaluation: 4.62/5.00 [Teaching Evaluation Report]

Nanyang Technopreneurship Center - TP6606: Managing Growing Ventures (Master)

Teaching assistant (Instructor: Prof. Li Zhi-Feng, Michael), Fall 2020

  • This course provides a ‘hands-on’ learning experience for students about creating and running a high-growth new company, and an opportunity for integrating students’ knowledge of marketing, finance, accounting and management.

Nanyang Business School - B6030: Strategy Projects at Nanyang (MBA)

Teaching assistant (Instructor: Prof. Rohit Bhatnagar), Fall 2020​​

  • Strategy Projects At Nanyang (SPAN) is an educational collaboration between industry partners and Nanyang Business School. It encourages MBA participants to apply the latest business thinking and insights to analyze market opportunities and address business challenges of industry partners.